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The Last Highlander

Spring in the Highlands – breathtaking, beautiful days in Inverness

May 26, 2017

How much more lovely can a place be….


This was the view from my office window yesterday morning. How many shades of green there are in the world…

We went last night to Waterstone’s Inverness to launch my latest book. Afterwards, we all shipped off to the Black Isle Bar – all the the organic beer, wine and pizza you can eat. It’s teh collest place in town to unwind with friends.

At 10.30pm, Kim and I drove home. We pulled out of Inverness, and over the little railway bridge. As we rounded the corner of land, the glory of the Beauly Firth opened up before us – at 10.30, the sun was only just setting.

Sunset, late May, Beauly Firth, Inverness
Sunset, late May, Beauly Firth, Inverness

This is the shortest post. But if a picture speaks a 1,000 words, then these two ….

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