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Jacobite Gold

  The Jacobite Gold, The Loch Arkaig Treasure; whatever name you give it, is about a pot of gold at the end of a tartan patterned rainbow; or most likely, several pots of gold.  It is a symbol of happiness just beyond your ability to attain it, the symbol of some...

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Rest In Peace

  If there’s one thing this whole History Hit – Royal Society – Professor Sue Black investigation into the Old Fox has shown, it is how many bones do not rest in peace. It is a world away from scenes of horrendous massacres and accidents worldwide. Yet, what...

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The Headless Man Speaks Again

Well, I’ve just heard something off the charts. It can’t be true but I have to pass it on. To set the scene, I was walking the dog on a stunning day. The Highlands lying under snow and blinding sun, you can see for 50 miles. A neighbour stopped me. He said he had seen...

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The Best King We Never Had

Stirling Castle, a cold February morning in 1594, a Scottish prince is born. His birth symbolises the hopes of four nations. He is Henry Frederick Stuart. When his father, James VI of Scotland inherits the crowns of Elizabeth I in 1603, James inaugurates the new age...

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Patriot Games

Sir Simon Fraser of Neidpath, can be thought of as the founding father of the Lovat Frasers. Born in 1257 in Neidpath Castle near Peebles, he met a gruesome death in London in 1306. He had been captured fighting in the Scottish Wars of Independence. One chronicler...

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1000 Years of History

What follows is an enormously long post – so I’d better explain what it’s for. There is such a huge revival in the interest in Highland history – in the clans, and in clan Fraser of Lovat in particular, as a result of the smash hit TV series Outlander. I want to give...

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