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From time to time I write historical articles in National publictions:

Scotland on Sunday

Sunday 30th July 2017

Our roots are showing!  Article by me on historical fiction and history, how fiction like Outlander opens the doors on history, illuminating the story of us, to millions of readers.

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the daily record

Saturday 8th July 2017

Article by me on the links between the smash hit TV series Outlander and The Last Highlander.

Diana Gabaldon tweet “The Last Highlander – a great book”

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Recent book reviews on The Last Highlander and The Prince Who Would Be King

The Mail on Sunday

The Last Highlander Book Review

“Superb… akin to a John Buchan adventure story”  Andrew Roberts

The Scotsman

The Last Highlander Book Review

“A compelling biography.” 

The Literary Review

June 2017

“Fraser tells the story well, and genuinely succeeds in bringing her characters to life, as the best biographies do. We feel the pain of Henry’s mother, Anne of Denmark, when her newly born child is taken away from her at birth … We share in the sense of tragedy of a young man cut off in his prime: at times it feels like we are in the room with Henry … a refreshing contrast to the prose style of many academic histories”  Tim Harris

The Telegraph

Saturday 20th May 2017

“A glamorous, dynamic, and arguable dangerous Prince of Wales … is the subject of a lively new biography by Sarah Fraser… Given what a catastrophe Charles I’s reign would be, his older brother’s brief life raises more interesting counter-factual questions than most. Added to which, the two decades of his short life spanned an extraordinary period in British history: the accession of the King of Scotland to the English throne, the Union of the Crowns, the Gunpowder Plot, colonial expansion, the age of Shakespeare and Ben Jonson, Inigo Jones and Walter Raleigh. Henry … was unquestionably bright and intellectually curious… Her book is written with verve and she deals admirably with all the … politics of the Stuart Court.” 

The Glasgow Herald

Saturday 13th May 2017

“Fraser … has created an attractive picture of a young man in a hurry … With a strong narrative…Fraser’s account of his investiture in June 1610 is one of the highlights of the story… It helps that Fraser is clearly not a little in love with her subject and why not? From all the available accounts Henry was the Prince Charming of his day, a young man who combined physical attributes, notably courage, with a ready wit and a capacity to wear his learning lightly.”  Trevor Royle

BBC History Magazine

Book Choice of the Month, May 2017

“Fraser paints a striking picture…Sarah Fraser’s highly readable book has restored this lost prince to his rightful place in our national memory …It is to be hoped she has also contributed to the necessary task of weaning us off our national addiction to the Tudors. The seventeenth century is a crucial … period of our history.” 

History Revealed Magazine

Book of the Month, May 2017

“Among the larger than life characters of the Tudor and Stuart period, Henry Stuart is often relegated to a …side player. Here, he gets a whole book dedicated to his story, and it’s certainly a tale worth telling. Son of James VI and I, Henry was a key figure in his own right: he created a truly renaissance court of writers and thinkers, and worked to establish a permanent British presence in America…What he packed into his brief life, and why it should be better remembered, are explored in this compelling, lively biography.”  

Country Life

Leading Review, May 2017

“The person to whom the public looked for future deliverance was James’s eldest son, Henry, the subject of this compelling and lyrical new biography. Sarah Fraser shows how Henry came first to embody the expectations of a nation and then shatter them by dying suddenly from typhoid in 1612, at the age of 18. She manages to distil from Henry’s short life a thorough case study of a crown prince coming of age … excellent book.” 

The Bookbag

Book Review, May 2017

“This fine, colourful biography portrays the life and world of a true Renaissance prince … He emerges from this rich, very enjoyable and well illustrated portrait of the Jacobean court and world as a gifted, intelligent man”  

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The Sunday Times

The Last Highlander Book Review

“Sarah Fraser tells the story of ‘The Old Fox’ with notable panache… Makes delightful reading”  Max Hastings  

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