the headless man speaks again, Lovat story takes a twist

Well, I’ve just heard something off the charts. It can’t be true but I have to pass it on. To set the scene, I was walking the dog on a stunning day. The Highlands lying under snow and blinding sun, you can see for 50 miles.

A neighbour stopped me. He said he had seen the live stream from Dan Snow’s History Hit on Thursday night. He’s in his 50s and lived here all his life. When he was a wee lad, he said that he and a group of friends dared each other to break into the crypt. To get him to go on, I had to assure him he’s probably time-barred from prosecution by now. 


Wardlaw Church with Dan Snow

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They waited until dusk – as you do if you’re 11 and entering a crypt – and got hold of one of those old style torches you used to slot onto the front of a bike. They walked through the graveyard under the eyes of the patient dead, and climbed through the window space. He said there were bats and bat shit everywhere.

They pulled up the hatch and went down to the crypt. Below lay a group of over a dozen coffins. Must have looked like a pod of whales lying together in the dark, waiting.

The boys went down. One coffin was ruptured. They lifted the lid, and shattered planks and bits of mahogany covered the contents. As far as they could see there was no body, but, he said, there was a wooden box about a foot square. On it was a plaque.

When they left they asked around and someone in the village said to them, ‘that’s the ashes of old Lord Lovat, the Fox. They were brought up here after the ’45.’


Filming at Wardlaw Church

The box has gone.

‘By the way,’ he said, as he turned to go, ‘there was one awful boy in the village. A real bad bugger. And someone told me he had seen him with a skull in the graveyard, pretending to play football with it.’

Now I think I’ve heard it all ….haven’t I??? Probably nothing in it. I don’t know if they were even cremating people in London in 1747. However … Thought I’d share that with any of you who were there or following on Thursday night Inverness Outlanders Outlandish Dan Snow’s History HitWardlaw Mausoleum

We are up for hearing any more about anything connected to this. For example, where did all the other coffins go – there are only a handful now, and in the 1970s, there were about 15?

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